Public Safety

Specialized video network services, designed to meet the needs of law enforcement agencies, first responders, emergency operations centers, transportation and other public safety organizations are now conveniently available on TrafficLand's GSA Schedule.

GSA Contract # GS-35F-0040T

TrafficLand Video Distribution System (VDS)

Built to improve situational awareness and response, TrafficLand VDS provides secure Internet access to real-time video from thousands of public traffic cameras strategically located in key locations across the United States. The service features multi-camera displays designed to provide ‘big picture’ understanding of road conditions or emergency situations.

Camera views can be stored in groupings, for repeat use, to quickly see ‘big picture’ traffic patterns and bring-up live video from specific cameras.

The TrafficLand VDS service is accessed through a password protected, web-based network that provides anywhere-anytime access from virtually any Internet connected computer or workstation. The service uses interactive maps showing traffic camera locations to pinpoint area(s) of interest and initiate video displays. In some locations, live traffic video can be displayed in MPEG4.

Available by subscription, users can select the service coverage area(s) and service level to meet their needs. Subscription options include single and multiple service area packages.

VDS offers three service levels of updating jpeg and mpeg streams to suit your bandwidth requirements. All service levels offer detailed maps and unlimited user-defined catalogs.

TrafficLand Video Hosting Services

TrafficLand is building the largest, highest quality traffic camera network in the United States called the Transportation Video Information Sharing Network™ (TVISN). TVISN currently provides video from thousands of traffic cameras nationwide and is serving over half a billion frames of video each month to both public and private networks, including some of America’s most secure law enforcement agencies.

TrafficLand’s Video Hosting Services allow clients to offer real-time video on their websites. Because the actual video is served from TrafficLand’s TVISN platform, our clients avoid the high cost of developing and maintaining the network and hosting infrastructure required to meet peak demand periods.

The heart of TrafficLand’s video hosting technology is its proprietary, patent-pending Image Engine™, which converts video imagery from multiple sources and formats and standardizes its delivery. Once the video has been converted into a standardized, digital form, it is routed, on request, to our dedicated network equipment located in a state-of-the-art Tier 1 data center.

TVISN is based on industry standards so it can scale-up to support virtually any number of users and be delivered to most Internet-enabled devices. Because all TrafficLand products are web-based, no special client software is required.

TrafficLand’s Video Hosting Service has demonstrated that it performs under pressure—especially during high demand events such as the 9/11 Pentagon attack, Reagan funeral, Washington area sniper attacks and Hurricane Katrina.

Pricing for TrafficLand Video Hosting Services is based on either total bandwidth consumed or the 95th percentile method.

TrafficLand Professional IT Services

TrafficLand provides a complete range of IP-video network design, acquisition, integration, distribution and maintenance services. Whether you’re starting, expanding or taking your video program to the next level, TrafficLand’s solutions are revolutionizing the use of real-time video for Departments of Transportation, first responders, law enforcement and other public safety stakeholders.

TrafficLand IT Services are provided by leading network, system and software engineers with the proven ability to analyze, design, implement and manage all aspects of video distribution systems.

TrafficLand IT Services offer:

  • Video Integration and Upload Systems
    Including system design, video upload equipment specification, application software, telecommunications and ISP consulting, and turnkey installation.

  • Video Distribution
    Including distance independent networks, digital and analog formats, multi-level security, user interface design and program marketing support.

  • Traffic Management Center Integration
    Including video / data feed diagnostics, camera audits, network architecture plans, wiring and equipment layout, system upgrades, control room displays, installation support and preventative maintenance requirements.

  • Website Integration
    Including custom HTML pages, public websites and 511 sites.

  • CCTV Camera Installation, Programming, Cabling and Networking
    Including PTZ, wireless, solar and battery solutions, plus complete testing, troubleshooting, maintenance and training.

  • Technical Support
    Including support plans, on-call support (remote and onsite), system training, updates and service notices, system documentation and user manuals.

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GSA Contract # GS-35F-0040T

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